Earth frequency 7 8Hz MRETOH and Hydrogen Generator Ionizer For Pure H2 Rich Hydrogen Electrolysis With Acid water cavity in Water Filters from Home Appliances

Earth frequency 7 8Hz MRETOH and Hydrogen Generator Ionizer For Pure H2 Rich Hydrogen Electrolysis With Acid water cavity in Water Filters from Home Appliances
Earth frequency 7 8Hz MRETOH and Hydrogen Generator Ionizer For Pure H2 Rich Hydrogen Electrolysis With Acid water cavity in Water Filters from Home Appliances
Earth frequency 7 8Hz MRETOH and Hydrogen Generator Ionizer For Pure H2 Rich Hydrogen Electrolysis With Acid water cavity in Water Filters from Home Appliances
Earth frequency 7 8Hz MRETOH and Hydrogen Generator Ionizer For Pure H2 Rich Hydrogen Electrolysis With Acid water cavity in Water Filters from Home Appliances
Earth frequency 7 8Hz MRETOH and Hydrogen Generator Ionizer For Pure H2 Rich Hydrogen Electrolysis With Acid water cavity in Water Filters from Home Appliances
Earth frequency 7 8Hz MRETOH and Hydrogen Generator Ionizer For Pure H2 Rich Hydrogen Electrolysis With Acid water cavity in Water Filters from Home Appliances

Product Specification

Use: Pitcher

Type: Ionizer

Certification: RoHS

Certification: CE

Purifying Position: Terminal Purification

Material: Titanium

Model Number: IHOOOH124

Power (W): 5W

Function: Direct Drink

Installation: Table Type

Water Yield(Liter/Minute): 0.5

Time to market: Jun-15

5 Stage Filtration: No

Water Quality Requirements: High Quality Drinking Water

Interface Diameter: None

Brand Name: IHOOOH

Water treatment machine Type: Electrolytic hydrogen oxygen separation

Certification: CAS Inspection

Acid water chamber: Removal of chlorine ozone

effect: Anti-aging treatment of chronic diseases

Name: hydrogen water generator MRETOH

Cup Capacity: 600ml

Operating: Wireless transmission, touch switch,


Earth frequency 7.8Hz MRETOH and Hydrogen Generator Ionizer For Pure H2 Rich Hydrogen Electrolysis With Acid water cavity

Product parameters
Cup body material: high borosilicate glass
Cup Capacity : 600ml (Optimal hydrogen production -Water capacity:410-460ml)
Operating: Wireless transmission, touch switch, 2.4G wireless module
cup cover : 7.8Hz Molecular Resonance Water Activator Equipment
Molecular Resonance frequency: 7.8Hz
Battery capacity : lithium battery cup cover- 600mAh , base -1500mAh
Hydrogen concentration: 1500-2000ppb (depending on the water quality)
Cup bottom : Hydrogen and oxygen separation
Electrode : Titanium platinum 3um (Japanese craftsmanship)
Electrolytic time: 5minutes
Charging time : 2H
Working Vlotage: 5V USB
Power: 5W
Operating temperature:0-55℃
Size : 70*230mm

7.8Hz Molecular Resonance Water Activator Equipment MRET OH

Low Frequency Molecular Resonance Active Water Instrument/Spin Quantum Resonator/Schumann Wave Low Frequency Molecular Resonator
7.8HZ low frequency resonance water instrument, spin quantum resonator, Schumann wave, low frequency molecular resonator module, remove bacteria in water, enhance healthy cell viability, inhibit tumor cell growth. possess Chinese Academy of Sciences Test Report quality certificatio
patent number: 201630560858.3 201611167357.4
Welcome you check with State Intellectual Property Office.
This product uses the spin quantum low frequency resonance principle, change the water molecule link structure, change the bood viscosity in 20 minutes , increase energy in daily drinking water ,improve the human body environment,cells can be anti-bacterial, anti-virus, anti-fungal, inhibit cell mutation.
Ten kinds of health benefits
  1. Improving the metabolic cycle of the human body
  2. Reducing blood viscosity
  3. Helps the body's natural detoxification process,supporting a healthy intestinal flora
  4. Assists the body in balancing PH-levels
  5. Strengthening the detoxification function of the human body
  6. Increase the oxygen content of cells
  7. Enhance the immunity of the human body
  8. Supports powerful antioxidant effect
  9. Promotes youthful skin by assisting natural skin hydration and collagen production
  10. Helps in neutralizing free radicals
Hydrogen water generator
Invention patent number: 201420751317.4
Hydrogen rich water is called water of life, Postpone aging, detoxify and nourishing the face
Benefits for drinking hydrogen rich water:
  1. Improve cellular health and enhance better nutrient absorption in the body used for washing face, easy absorbed to maintain the skin.
  2. Improvement of blood glucose & HbA1c levels in diabetes mellitus
  3. Better hydration for your body- increase blood circulation,Hydrogen-rich water is beneficial to reduce blood viscosity, improve microcirculation, and increase the elasticity of blood vessels.
  4. Help to lower saturated fat levels
  5. Reduce aging to give healthy looking skin
  6. Improve memory in aged individuals - reduce constipation problems
  7. Aids in lowering cholesterol levels.
  8. Detoxifies your body- improves the quality of life of cancer patients on chemotherapy and radiotherapy
  9. Scavenging excess free radicals in human cells
  10. Improve sleep
  1. cup cover- Wireless transmission, touch switch, 2.4G wireless module,one click sync
  2. Hydrogen and oxygen separation,Built-in acid water cavity,The discharge of acid water at about half a month (Smelly, chlorine, the harmful substances separated by SPE membrane electrolysis)
  3. Super large battery capacity
  4. design neatly and attractively,cup's rim has no thread, link is tight and not leaking
  5. Super high hydrogen content (Achieve 13 drops of hydrogen solubility test)
  6. Spray it! wonderfully for skin conditions. following conditions improved with this special water: Dermatitis, Psoriasis, 2nd Degree Sunburn, Dry Skin, Wrinkles, Bug Bites and more!7.8Hz Molecular Resonance Water can drive them deeper into your cells allowing them to work optimally!
  7. Drink it! When consumed,Itrsquos highly effective structure is easily absorbed, optimizing nutrient availability and toxin release, and restoring vital cell-to-cell communication.
  8. The resonance process does not touch the liquid, the only one no need to increase the external material can increase the energy and neutralize the body's pH value.
  9. Without adding any chemicals, elements or additives , adopt the physical way to change the water structure, become similar to the structure of water cells.
  10. Can help them get well soon High blood pressure. high blood lipid. high blood sugar
Choose the reason for it
You sure that your purchase is a true Hydrogen and oxygen separation cup or bottle
1. Hydrogen-rich ceramic sheets, hydrogen-rich spheres, hydrogen production through chemical reactions, have heavy metal damage humans
2. Hydrogen-oxygen electrolysis - Hydrogen and oxygen separation cup, electrolysis produces Smelly, chlorine, the harmful substances separated by SPE membrane electrolysis
Fake Hydrogen and oxygen separation cup no discharge chlorine, acid water , acid-free water cavity, is very harmful to people
Please confirm the sour water cavity before buying.

Sharing Hydrogen and oxygen separation cup knowledge

You are sure that you are not buying a poison Hydrogen generator H2 water cup, it is good or bad, test with salt

What does the hydrogen-rich water cup produce?

In the brine, sodium chloride is completely ionized, and the water molecules are weakly ionized, so there are four ions of Na+, H+, Cl-, and OH.

The general chemical equation for electrolytically saturated brine can be expressed as follows:


Although there is hydrogen, the irritating gas that produces pungent is chlorine.

The chlorine reacts with sodium hydroxide as follows:


Can be seen as:

Cl2 reacts with water first: Cl2+H2O=HCl+HClO

Then NaOH is reacted with HCl and HClO, respectively.



Combined: 2NaOH + Cl2 = NaCl + NaClO + H2O

IHOOOH factory

  1. Friends. if you have any questions about the product, please let me know and we will get back to you within 24 hours.
  2. For any product quality problems, we will give you a satisfactory answer within 48 hours.
  3. Customer satisfaction is our responsibility.
  4. Product quality assurance is fundamental to our survival.
  5. Customer recognition is our way forward.
  6. People-oriented, integrity management
Please rest assured to buy , Quality assurance 3 year.
IHOOOH Serving your health.




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