evil energy 2 25 quot Stainless Steel Electric Exhaust Cutout Downpipe E cut Be Cut Pipe Exhaust Cut Out With Remote Control in Mufflers from Automobiles amp Motorcycles

evil energy 2 25 quot Stainless Steel Electric Exhaust Cutout Downpipe E cut Be Cut Pipe Exhaust Cut Out With Remote Control in Mufflers from Automobiles amp Motorcycles
evil energy 2 25 quot Stainless Steel Electric Exhaust Cutout Downpipe E cut Be Cut Pipe Exhaust Cut Out With Remote Control in Mufflers from Automobiles amp Motorcycles
evil energy 2 25 quot Stainless Steel Electric Exhaust Cutout Downpipe E cut Be Cut Pipe Exhaust Cut Out With Remote Control in Mufflers from Automobiles amp Motorcycles
evil energy 2 25 quot Stainless Steel Electric Exhaust Cutout Downpipe E cut Be Cut Pipe Exhaust Cut Out With Remote Control in Mufflers from Automobiles amp Motorcycles
evil energy 2 25 quot Stainless Steel Electric Exhaust Cutout Downpipe E cut Be Cut Pipe Exhaust Cut Out With Remote Control in Mufflers from Automobiles amp Motorcycles
evil energy 2 25 quot Stainless Steel Electric Exhaust Cutout Downpipe E cut Be Cut Pipe Exhaust Cut Out With Remote Control in Mufflers from Automobiles amp Motorcycles

Product Specification

Material Type: stainless steel

Brand Name: evil energy

Mounting Position: Rear

Manufacturer Part Number: 2330H

Country/Region of Car Manufacture: CHINA

Special Features: Connection

Type: Dissipative Muffler

color: silver

is_customized: Yes

Warranty: 3 months in normal condition

Size: 2 Inch

Valve Material: Aluminum Alloy

Weight: 1.9kg

Processing time: Within 5 days

Years: ALL

Function: Adjust car sound

Place of Origin: China (Mainland)


2.25" Stainless Steel Electric Exhaust Cutout Downpipe E-cut Be Cut Pipe Exhaust Cut Out With Remote Control



   Valve Material: Aluminum Alloy

   Pipe Material : Stainless Pipe 

   Condition: Brand new 

   Color to choose: Sliver As the picture

   Quantity: 1 Set

   Size : 2.25 inch


   1. Lightweight CNC Machined Anodized T-6061 Aircraft Aluminum Alloy

   2. High Polished Finish

   3 Tig Welded Construction

Package Includes:

  1 x  CNC Aluminum Electric Exhaust Cutout.

  1 x Stainless Steel be cut   Pipe.

  1 x Wire Harness. 

  1 x Flange

  1x Extension cord

  1 x Power Switch.

  1 x  remote control 

 Universal electric exhaust cout out

   Year                   Make            Model    trim      engine
 1988-2011            all                 ALL       ALL       ALL




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