Nose Blackhead Remover Nose Mask Pore Strip Blackhead Peeling Mask Deep Cleansing Skin Care with 60Pcs Paper in Treatments Masks from Beauty Health

Nose Blackhead Remover Nose Mask Pore Strip Blackhead Peeling Mask Deep Cleansing Skin Care with 60Pcs Paper in Treatments Masks from Beauty Health
Nose Blackhead Remover Nose Mask Pore Strip Blackhead Peeling Mask Deep Cleansing Skin Care with 60Pcs Paper in Treatments Masks from Beauty Health
Nose Blackhead Remover Nose Mask Pore Strip Blackhead Peeling Mask Deep Cleansing Skin Care with 60Pcs Paper in Treatments Masks from Beauty Health
Nose Blackhead Remover Nose Mask Pore Strip Blackhead Peeling Mask Deep Cleansing Skin Care with 60Pcs Paper in Treatments Masks from Beauty Health
Nose Blackhead Remover Nose Mask Pore Strip Blackhead Peeling Mask Deep Cleansing Skin Care with 60Pcs Paper in Treatments Masks from Beauty Health
Nose Blackhead Remover Nose Mask Pore Strip Blackhead Peeling Mask Deep Cleansing Skin Care with 60Pcs Paper in Treatments Masks from Beauty Health

Product Specification


Type: Peel Mask

Gender: Unisex

Formulation: Cream

Use: T Zone

Ingredient: Aloe, Sodium, Portulaca oleracea extract, etc

Country/Region of Manufacture: China

Feature: Whitening

Feature: Anti-Aging

Feature: Moisturizing

Feature: Acne Treatment

Feature: Oil-control

NET WT: 30g

Item Type: Treatment & Mask

Model Number: Nose Blackhead Remover Nose Mask





Nose Blackhead Remover Nose Mask Pore Strip Blackhead Peeling Mask Deep Cleansing Skin Care with 60Pcs Paper

Deep cleaning, removing blackhead, shrinking pore.
Moisturizing and refreshing, make skin looks more elastic and radiant.
Replenish skin moisture, improve dry and coarse skin and have a smoothing effect.
Anti drying, anti aging.
Anti bacteria, anti inflammation.

Suitable for all kind of skin, except sensitive skin.
Removing annoy blackhead in your nose and moisturizing at the same time.
Comes with 60 pieces peeling papers fro daily use.

Material: Aloe, Sodium, Portulaca oleracea extract, etc
Color: white
Item Size: 56*56*50mm
Capacity: 30g

Package included:
1 x Blackhead Remover
60 x Paper

1. Due to the difference between different monitors, the picture may not reflect the actual color of the item. We guarantee the style is the same as shown in the pictures.
2. Due to different personal measuring techniques, there might be 1-3cm error of the physical. Thank you!









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Commetns :
Package did not come

Thank you very much

It didn't come. Returned money

Very cool! I will not send a photo with scum from my pores, but believe me, the mask perfectly pulled everything out! I 've tried so many things from black dots!! So much money in this booze-nothing helped. For the first time i ordered a face mask here, having read positive reviews, and did not regret it. Honestly, i was afraid because i thought that buying a skin care product on the chinese website was stupid. But i already tried everything and there was only this) so the advice to everyone-if the black dots are tormented-this mask is your salvation. I tried masks from mixit at a furious price-from them the effect of zero! And even more pores clogged, and cheap mask with aliespress perfectly cleaned pores! I regret that i did not buy it before. By the way, it's been over a month.

If excellent product works

Thanks to the seller) everything came whole and quickly, i will add feedback how to make a mask)

Very long shipping

The goods went very long

Ordered on march 20, came on april 15. The product corresponds to the description, the coolest. The mask tried but forgot to take a picture of the result))

The goods did not receive, the money was returned.

Unfortunately, the mask did not come, the money was returned.

The order did not receive, the seller gave a head pretending that he does not understand me. The money returned directly with aliexpress, the seller did not want to return.

The estimate could be better if the parcel arrived at the destination, but alas.

The track was not tracked. In astrakhan delivered in 40 days. Daughter liked the cream after testing. Seller recommend.

The goods did not come, money returned only after aliexpress intervention

The goods did not come, opened the dispute money did not return, the most terrible store

Take away enough! I put it on my nose and chin after the shower, what pores are open and the truth is to remove, remove!

The goods did not serve and went for a very long time.

Everything smells good as well as a black mask that removes black dots it is more convenient and since with these papers more to remove immediately and dries faster

The goods did not come. The seller sent the wrong address. Now again have to order and wait a month and a half :(

Hz what is it)))

Cream went almost 3 months!!! Packed well. not yet tried in action cream. I will add, as i test


Refund for account because przesylka not dotarla

Thank the seller

Thank you, the goods came.

I made an order on february 28. After 2 months the goods did not reach. Opened a dispute, the seller refused to return the money. Aliexpress intervened in the dispute, but asked for paper proof from the post office that the goods were returned back to the seller. No paper can give me, because. On the mail goods and did not arrive. It is a pity that it was left without goods and without denyag

Same product advertised meets the promises. IS a small pot, but the cost benefit is excellent.

Incomprehensible thing, i did not clean anything, or the pores are normal, longer the paper from the nose was removed

On the internet, i saw a lot of feedback about it, i decided to order it. When i arrived, i tried it, in the end i was not happy. She's not as good as she was described.

Everything was fine for 1,5 months

Arrive in advance hate to try

The goods did not come

The goods did not come, but the seller returned the money


That's the second i buy. It hurts a little when you remove it and it smells like alcohol but it does your job very well.

It took too long to arrive

The money was returned, the goods never came

It's just arrogance! !!! The goods did not come, i did not receive it! Do not order this deception!!!

The goods did not come, the money was returned

The goods came quickly, whole and undelible, tried it 1 time he did not give a strong result, but the second time straight pulled out a lot, the main thing before the change it well warm up and steam the pores of the face, i advise everyone, a good thing for my money, so far the best thing that i 've stayed from black dots))

Take long to arrive, but not seller's fault, but post… But service note 10


Did not come back the money, thank you very much to the seller...

Something cleans, but, of course, the effect is not the same as in the photo :-)

Nicely packed will test, but already like product❤\

works well, thank u

The mask really removes the black dots, before this, according to the instructions heated the jar and steamed the face.

Arrived fast, come as the description, not used more very strong! Great seller

Delivery about two months, the seller extended the protection, wrote about the problems of mail. Everything came whole, there is a composition, shelf life and a proprietary hologram on the package, inside a clear instruction, paper type notebook, took for 150r on the stock. Tried with her husband, barely opened, first like plasticine, heated, became liquid like pva, put a thin layer i just washed, my husband did not wash, i sat on the beach with paper on my nose until i had another half of the paper on my chin, i took strips of gariniere, these in the likeness. Pulled out like not much but in the photo looks like a nightmare dirty pores) then washed with cold water, the skin is a little irritated from the tear of paper, but the smooth black dots are clearly smaller. I think if you steam and use regularly we will be smooth as a baby's ass) the smell of this thing is so-so, but it works, the harinier there in a set of these stickers pieces five or something, and here a bunch! I recommend

The cream really works, but it went very long. Almost 2 months.

Cool, really works on the unscented face cleans up 60 percent and deep black dots perfectly captures

Order for three months unfortunately did not reach, the money was returned without problems

The goods did not come, ali returned the money

The mask did not receive... for a long time communicated with the seller... through the dispute the money was returned. thanks and on this. the evaluation did not reduce in advance. i hope this will not happen again.

I have not received my goods. The ejection of money. Money is not returned. Maybe the track was from another package.

Products come very dents. Much damaged. Not be able the able to sell

Nothing came, the seller's money never returned although i opened the dispute and closed it under the pretext that the seller will make sure that everything gets

Very good product, my daughter is happy


Waited! From january 21 and until april 11, this remedy went to mo. With tracking problem, but the seller was in touch. The remedy is good!

I received it until i tried it. Everything is intact. I will add after the procedure

It's a pity that it did not come .... I really like this cream and i was waiting for it. Something not clear happened with delivery .... But the money for the dispute was returned to the fullest. But if the goods still come, i will pay for the goods again


Cool thing: really pulls black dots, i'm happy. Delivery is fast. I recommend!

The result, of course, is, but expected more.

10 out of 10 maeby baby. pleasant smell, pulls out not everything (better than nothing) the order was 28 days

This is the best thing i ordered for ali. I bought ordinary strips, did not help, tried black masks, too. I wasn't hoping for this thing, but she parasied me, almost everything came out. I strongly advise!

The goods were not tracked, lost, and did not reach.

très efficace

Effect 0

It took almost three months! But the whole came!

The goods did not come. The dispute opened, and the money did not return.

The goods did not come. The money wasn't returned.

The goods did not receive!

Very good product

Very effective mask, perfectly cleans pores. For one application, of course, everything will not be removed, it is necessary to do regularly. Gradually the skin becomes light and smooth. Thanks to the seller for the goods and for the responsiveness!

I did not receive the goods so, i opened a dispute. the seller said that he would return the money if i closed the dispute, because it's bad for their business, closed. but there was no money, opened again, and they and aliexpress made a decision and closed the dispute without my consent. very and very disappointed, as i did not order on this site for the first time.

it's working. I recommend

The box is crumpled, but the jar is fine. I haven't tried it yet.

Haven’t try yet. Will post another review when i use it.

The effect is and it is visible on the paper. Very good mask, the first really active. The smell is pleasant, the delivery is fast. Some pros

The goods never came. Seller returned money

its smell so much. it's a good but didn't removed all my blackheads.

Goods consistent with the description. recommend.